Ing. Tomáš Jankůj

company owner

Right after graduating from CTU, Tomáš Jankůj started to focus on internet advertising.

He worked as the Head of Internet Department for ARBOmedia (media representation of Czech Television and Czech Radio), a company which was part of the Swiss media group Goldbach, publicly traded on the German stock exchange.

Later he became CEO of ARBOinteractive, a company specializing in the sale of promotion in on-line media. He is currently the co-owner of XACT Agency. His company RED SQUARE s.r.o. is dedicated to the development and system integration of SW for large international companies (e.g. Tesco or PPL).
In addition, he is a partner of MEDIA ONE, which sells sponsorship and product placement on television.
As a logistics start-up investor, he supported the ŽABKAPOINT project and online marketplace for craftsmen.

Among other things, he lectures at the University of Economics in Prague, where he specializes in “Online Marketing Communication”.
He is also a member of the Executive Committee of the Internet Advertising Association and a founding member of the Czech National Technical Analysis Association.